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I engage in service work at institutional, professional, and community levels. I believe an important part of the health of an institution is its relationship within the surrounding community. I most enjoy taking part in service work that integrates academic work with community initiatives.


I value service that foster student success through funding student research and community service projects. For example, I have worked directly with community organizations that focus on progressive social justice issues and successful rehabilitation post-incarceration.


I look forward to continuing to do such work at a grassroots level.  

Service in the Community

Professional Service

  • Vice-Chair, Division of Convict Criminology, American Society of Criminology, 2022–Present 

  • Inaugural Chair, Division of Convict Criminology, American Society of Criminology, 2020–2022 

  • Co-Chair, New School of Convict Criminology, American Society of Criminology, 2017–2019 

  • Nominations Committee Iowa Representative, Midwest Sociological Society, 2017–2019

Institutional Committee Service

St. Ambrose University

  • Promotion, Tenure, and Standards Committee (elected), 2022–Present 

  • Handbook Committee (elected), 2020–2022 

  • Chair, Educational Policies Committee (EPC), 2017–2018

  • Member, Educational Policies Committee (EPC), 2015–2017

  • Institutional Review Board (appointed by Provost), Graduate Programs rep, 2017–2020 

  • Title IX Grievance Committee, 2016–2020 

  • Graduate Council Executive Committee (appointed by Provost), 2016–2022 

  • Mission Week Planning Committee, 2015–2017 

  • Rev. Joseph E. Kokjohn Endowment for Catholic Peace and Justice, 2015–Present 

  • Council for an Integrative Learning Environment (CILE), 2014–2017 

  • Destination Leadership Planning Committee, 2013–2017

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