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Grant E. Tietjen, PhD

​is an Associate Professor of Criminology in the University of Washington Tacoma School of Social Work and Criminal Justice. From 2013-2023, Dr. Tietjen was faculty at the St. Ambrose University Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice. Professor Tietjen earned his Ph.D. from the Department of Sociology at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. He has written, researched, and lectured on convict criminology, mass incarceration, class inequality, criminological theory, and pathways to correctional/postcorrectional education.


Tietjen has published in multiple peer reviewed journals, book chapters, and academic encyclopedias, with multiple works in progress. His most recent peer-reviewed research has been published in The Prison Journal and Critical Criminology.


Tietjen he has given over 60 conference presentations, invited talks, and media interviews on subjects such as education for people who are formerly-incarcerated, convict criminology, and equality for people who are system-contacted.


He has been involved with the Convict Criminology (CC) group since 2005, a group that includes the voices of the formerly-incarcerated and system-contacted in the disciplines of criminology; criminal justice; and corrections research, policy and practices. Tietjen mentors new members and served as the group’s Co-Chair from 2017-2019. During this time, Tietjen worked with other dedicated members to strengthen the organization through promoting rigorous scholarship, mentorship, and engaging with other scholarly groups to move Convict Criminology forward, all with a ceaseless focus on diversity.


In 2020, Tietjen was appointed the inaugural Chair of the newly formed American Society of Criminology Division of Convict Criminology.

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