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Associate Professor, Criminal Justice

Grant Tietjen, PhD

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Dr. Tietjen teaches criminal justice courses and specializes in convict criminology and prison reform.

He is a member of the Midwestern Sociological Society and the American Society of Criminology.​



My research interests focus on correctional education reform, decarceration, subcultures of people who are incarcerated, and destigmatization through education. I have conducted research on education within the state and federal prison systems, finding that there are great discrepancies in educational needs based on race, economic status, and gender of incarcerated people.

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The constant development of my teaching style is as important to me as the subject matter of a course. Central to my teaching is my belief that the classroom should be a space for encouraging open and thought-provoking discussion.


I engage in service work at institutional, professional, and community levels. I most enjoy taking part in service work that integrates academic work with community initiatives.

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